I enrolled 18 new PAYING clients in less than 90 days using the

exact same steps I teach in this simple system

~ Lauri


Learn How to Get Clients in 1 Day

Looking to quickly unlock the secrets to getting more clients? Then the Easy Client Enrollment System is just what you've been searching for. This LIVE 4-hour Masterclass explains everything you need to know to take a new client from 'Hi!' to 'Yes!' in a matter weeks instead of months.

In a single morning, I'll take you step-by-step through my simple, streamlined system that gets you clients without feeling pushy or manipulative and uses nothing more than the tech you already use every day.

$1995 $495 LIMITED SEATS


What you'll learn in the Masterclass

The EASY CLIENT ENROLLMENT SYSTEM - the ONLY 4 conversations you'll ever need

to get clients, step-by-step from 'HI!' to 'YES!' and do it right from your desk. I'll tell you exactly what to say, when to say it, what to listen for, and exactly what to do when you hear it. No more confusion, no more guessing, just confidence that you know exactly what to say and do at every moment

with each new perfect-for-you client you enroll.

Total Value: $3500


So you can instantly create a personal connection with anyone in your online network and confidently start a conversation with anyone you want to meet. Find lots of high-quality leads to fill your funnel and never go to another awkward in-person networking event ever again (yay!)


So you can quickly and easily master the art of creating a deep connection, then get OUT of the 'Friend Zone' with grace and into a never sales-y sales conversation your potential client can't wait to have with a single, perfectly-timed question


So you can effortlessly ENROLL your new client with this powerful, crucial conversation while they thank you for all of the value you're delivering each and every step of the way


So you can let the conversation do the work for you - it literally closes the client and makes the sale by itself so you can stop worrying about money and get to the business of serving your clients


So you remember what you learned, you get 5 self-paced 'How-to' Conversation videos designed to help you masterfully navigate your real-world conversations with potential clients and a simple tracking system so you never miss another income opportunity again


Make your message irresistible and create an 'EASY BREEZY OFFER' that practically sells itself. Everything you need in easy-to-follow templates - pricing, offers, bonuses, objections - all wrapped up in the language that makes perfect clients say yes to YOU right away

Awesome Bonus #1

Find Your Crowd Consultation

Inside this powerful 1-on-1 session with Lauri, together you will :

  • Discover exactly who is in your Crowd that you should be talking to everyday (and who isn't)
  • Find exactly where they hang out so you can stop wasting hours 'engaging' on social media or attending networking events that go nowhere
  • START CHATTING with your Crowd instantly using your personalized 'Conversation Starter' soundbite script that will open your world to more income and feel completely natural rolling off your tongue
  • Create your personal 'Instant Authority Introduction' that positions you as the 'go-to' source every single time
  • Value: $1000

Awesome Bonus #2

Free Session Framework

Never make an awkward offer again! Unlock the secrets to a stress-free Free Session with:

  • Instant access to this must-have 'fill-in-the-blank', value-rich framework that ends with clients 50%, 60%, even 70% of the time
  • The EXACT words, actions and steps that will get you all the way through to the YES!
  • The 'baked-in' Human Nature element to get new client to pay on the spot
  • Precisely what to say each step of the way without a bunch of pushy sales tactics or tricks
  • - my personal insider secrets to getting the YES 87% of the time (almost 9 out of 10 said yes!)
  • Value: $1000

Ready to start generating

a steady stream of clients you can count on?

(Total Value $5500 for only $495)

See what my Masterclass Clients have to say:

New 6-Month Client

"For me, it was the missing link. This stuff works!"

1 Week after the Masterclass

8 Appointments Booked

"It's so DO-ABLE. All I needed was the perfect opening to chat."

4 Hours after the Masterclass

10 High-Quality Leads

"From 1 or 2 leads a week to more than 10 each and every week"

3 Weeks after the Masterclass

Our 'No Client Left Behind' Guarantee:

I'm so confident that once you start using your EASY CLIENT ENROLLMENT SYSTEM you will TRIPLE your appointments or I'll gift you a mini-VIP session with me to get your next week's calendar booked!


For All Skill Levels

The EASY CLIENT ENROLLMENT MASTERCLASS has the information you need regardless of skill level. Whether it's your very first paying client or your 50th, it works the exact same way for everyone. This course will benefit you right away and dramatically transform your ho-hum business into a thriving BEACH BUSINESS that you can do from anywhere, anytime you want a new influx of clients.

Based on Human Nature

This is a SYSTEM - and I created it based off of the human nature of WHY people buy. These aren't opinions or ideas that I made up on a whim. This simple system is based on the SCIENCE and PSYCHOLOGY of why people say YES! The information in this Masterclass is the result of 2 years of studying the ins and outs of finding high-quality leads, learning the perfect thing to say to build instant trust and then, knowing the exact right moment that makes it easy for a new client to move forward with you.

A Word From Lauri

“It used to take me 6 months to get a client. In my first year of business as a Business Strategy Coach, I only had TWO Free Sessions all year...not nearly enough to keep my business afloat. But once I figured out what worked, I can now enroll a brand new client in just FOUR DAYS - without paid ads, without a webinar, without a website. I call it the 'TALKING FUNNEL' - and it's all you need it to create a wave of new clients whenever you want.

I wasted so much time, effort and money that I can't get back and I want you to skip the trial-and-error stage as much as possible so you can have the thriving business you dreamed of.

I hope you join me for my Easy Client Enrollment Masterclass so you can learn my secrets and start filling your calendar right away. Hope to see you there!


Why wait? Start filling your calendar now!

Why put off taking your business to the next level? You can learn everything you need to know to create a wave of clients in my Masterclass that pays for itself with just one new paying client.

And there's no risk to you - my masterclass comes with a no-questions, money-back guarantee if you decide to change your mind before the event.

$1995 $495