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“I have noticed changes since the class…a lot of shifts going on for me…I am so much more conscious of what works for me and what does not.I have to put myself first and determine if I am comfortable with the time I commit [to others]. That part is getting so much clearer for me and I had a wonderful week!!!”
Ailey H.  Marketer – Messaging & Marketing Materials

“Appreciate your tips and know the secret to success is to make the “dream work” a habit and practice. I am on my way!”
Iris M. – Songwriter/Musician


"Lauri [gets] the big picture about how to create and grow successful businesses. She has a gift for taking complex business concepts and simplifying them, so the rest of us can understand them. Then she teaches us how to take easy and simple steps to implement them. Because of her powerful ability to articulate this process,  business owners can actually succeed in growing and developing even more successful businesses."
Aynn R. - 
Life Strategies & Navigation Coach

​"Lauri taught me some important tools, like the importance of making goals step by step along the way (30 days, 60 days, 90 days etc.)  Action steps are a great way to reach your goals in "bite-sized" pieces so you don't feel overwhelmed along the way, but are still making progress towards your ultimate goal and can feel good and empowered along the way.  It's a great tool for encouraging ourselves to achieve our dreams!

 Alexis W. - Personal Chef, Executive Personal Assistant


Business Growth Strategist

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