Becoming a Business Strategy Coach

didn't happen overnight. I'm committed to partnering with overwhelmed solo professionals to find a path to freedom and peace because I've been there and I know how hard and scary it can be.

My path has taken some interesting turns over the years through Finance, IT and Management, leapfrogging to bigger and better opportunities and suffering the sting of setbacks. And like most professionals, I wanted to make sure I had the chance to share the things I do best with other professionals who could leverage them the most. I'm all about mutual success but ultimately, I want everyone (including me) to spend their days doing what they love!

After years of working 60+ hours a week for someone else, I took the leap to follow my heart with a business that included all the parts of my work I loved, plus an approach based on coaching, without any of the 'overtime'. The most rewarding moment is when my clients find their way through the chaos and their eyes light up because they've had a shift! THAT'S why I'm here.

Lauri Hand MBA, PMP, CEG

Lauri Hand is a business strategy coach, strategic planner and productivity optimizer for Consultants and Coaches. After a successful corporate career in technology project management, she uses her expertise to find each of her clients a handcrafted, streamlined strategy to managing the chaos of owning a business while creating a solution to break through the 6-figure ceiling. She also served on the Board of Directors for the Oregon Chapter of the International Coaching Federation as the Co-Director of Education for Business Success (2015).

Lauri spent over twenty years in the banking and insurance industries in Information Technology as a strategic planner, project manager and mentor responsible for multi-million dollar programs. She was also responsible for defining and maintaining best practices and methodologies for a 200-person Project Management Office. 

Lauri partners with busy solo professionals and solopreneurs to build a clear vision of their 'big picture', a strategy to make it a reality and the tools necessary to keep business buzzing along with the weekends free. With a background in business and technology, her systems are designed to work with all levels of technical expertise - even in these rapidly changing times. It's about having a thriving business AND a fulfilling life with lots of time for family and friends.

Lauri holds a M.B.A. with an Information Technology concentration from the University of Kansas. She has been a PMP certified project manager in good standing since 2003 and a Core Essentials Graduate from CoachU since April 2015.

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optimal time management, effective goal setting & action planning, prioritization tactics, motivating approaches

skills developmentstrategic planning, strategic partnering, marketing strategies, message tailoring and audience- specific communication

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